Coupe du monde Rugby France 2023 Bordeaux Métropole

The Rugby Village

Together to feel the thrill of the 2023 Rugby World Cup! 

Don’t miss the Rugby Village, set in the heart of the Parc des Sports Saint-Michel – definitely one of ‘the’ places to be! 

The Rugby Village is designed to seat 10,000 and is strategically located near the station and tram line C so that you can go straight from there to the Stade de Bordeaux.

The Bordeaux Rugby Village has put together one of the most ambitious selections of match broadcasts in France, showing 37 of the 48 matches that are scheduled to be played during this 10th edition of the Rugby World Cup. Follow all the matches that will be played in Bordeaux live, the fixtures that count, cheer on your team, and watch the quarter-finals, semi-finals and, of course, THE final!🏆

Learn all about the local traditions and values that make rugby the great sport that it is, come and meet fellow rugby-lovers and enjoy an unforgettable experience with the locals throughout the 19 days that it will be open, from 8 September to 28 October.

Vue de haut de la foule de supporters du village rugby



Écran géant du village rugby avec quelques personnes assises devant sur l'herbe
(c) Jean-Baptiste Menges

The Parc des Sports Saint-Michel will become one big match-viewing zone where fans can gather to share their emotions more intensely.

During the pool phases: open every weekend from 2 pm to midnight and from 6 pm to midnight for the French team’s matches.

During the final rounds, all of the quarter-finals, the semi-finals and the final: open 2 hours before the first match of the day and until midnight.


Deux supporters de dos l'un avec une casquette et l'autre avec un chapeau en forme de coq en peluche aux ailes bleu blanc rouge
(c) Charlotte Barbier

In addition to the audio-visual systems on site, there will be a complete range of catering facilities offering menus with local, seasonal and meat-free produce. You will also be able to enjoy soft drinks, beer, wine and cocktails in a resolutely festive atmosphere.

A presenter will announce the main events during the 19-day period: “intro to rugby” sessions at the weekend, pre-match programmes with professional players on stage, DJ sets with local associations, and many other surprises in store in the Bordeaux Rugby Village.

getting to rugby village
on public transport

TRAM line A

Porte de Bourgogne.

TRAM lines C & D

Porte de Bourgogne ou Saint-Michel


There are 28 Park & Rides on the TBM network which are located near tram and bus lines to help you combine your car and public transport seamlessly to get to the Village or the stadium.

For more information:

Car owners are advised to use the relay car parks located along bus routes and tram lines.

lianes 1 et 16

Take the Liane buses 1 and 16 and get off at the “Porte de Bourgogne” stop. These buses run at variable intervals every 10 to 30 minutes depending on match times. Last buses leave around 1 am.

Please note that on Liane 1, only buses running from “Gare Saint-Jean” to “Mérignac Beaudésert” go to the Rugby Village.


The V3 docking stations are purposefully located near the
multimodal intersections and often at the end of the lines so that
you can use a bicycle for the last part of your journey.

See the plan of V3 docking stations


A temporary cycle parking area with a capacity of 300 spaces will be created at the entrance to the Village on the banks of the Garonne.

Bordeaux Métropole is giving ticketholders of matches played in Bordeaux the chance to book a free bicycle to get to Stade de Bordeaux on the big day. Pick your bicycle up opposite the temporary cycle parking area.



Left-luggage drop-off

For safety reasons, visitors must open any bags or parcels belonging to them before they can be left at the left-luggage facility. Staff can refuse to take items that they judge to be incompatible with safety regulations. 

The following cannot be held at the left-luggage facility: sums of money, identity papers, cheque books and credit cards and valuable items (jewellery, cameras).

Left-luggage pick-up

  • Any items that are not claimed 30 minutes after closing will be treated as lost property and put to one side. Any items that have not been claimed by their owner after the end of the event will be sent to the city’s lost property office located 6 Place Rohan, Bordeaux.
  • All items are left under the entire responsibility of their owners. The organiser cannot be held responsible for the loss, theft of, or damage to, an item or items that have been left at the left-luggage facility under the same number.


The Bordeaux Rugby Village will make every effort to ensure the security of its visitors: two levels of access to events (visual search + pat-down), metal detector, 100% secure visitors area, real-time updates of the number of visitors present and left-luggage facilities.



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