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Rugby, a regional traditional

Rugby became an increasingly popular sport in France during the 19th century after it was imported from England, its country of origin.

It was first played in Paris and spread rapidly to other areas across France largely thanks to the fact that it was a team sport proning strong fraternal values.

Stade Bordelais (Champion de France)
Z. Chiesi photographe, ca 1900-1910

Stade Bordelais Université Club (Champion de France)
© Archives Bordeaux Métropole, Bordeaux 16 Fi 55

THE Bordeaux Métropole

Bordeaux Métropole’s Archives Department is launching an appeal to collect rugby-themed documents from the general public in the Métropole area in order to put together a collection of archives for this popular sport that is so emblematic of our area.

Rugby runs deep here in an area that boasts many amateur and professional clubs, revealing just how devoted people are to the sport.

By entrusting their documents or souvenirs that have been lovingly conserved by clubs, managers, players, volunteers, fans and all the other lovers of rugby, to the Bordeaux Métropole Archives, they will help us to learn more about our heritage of all things rugby.

Photos, drawings, texts, postcards, fliers, newspapers, posters, films, videos, models and goodies – all unique souvenirs that can be passed on to future generations. Everything that is collected will be lovingly preserved and put on display for the general public, free of charge, at the Métropole Archives.

Bordeaux 30 W784 © Archives de Bordeaux métropole


You can either donate or lend your originals for them to be scanned free of charge.
The Bordeaux Métropole Archives staff will help you with any questions you might have and any formalities that need to be dealt with.

  • By email :
    High resolution pdf and jpg files or videos (mp4, zipped format preferred).
  • By post : Archives de Bordeaux Métropole,
    « La grande collecte Rugby » – Parvis des Archives – 33100 Bordeaux
  • By hand: appointment only. Please call the collection Department
    on 0556102055 to make an appointment.

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